Physical Experiments

A.C. Circuit with inductance and resistance

Determination of the speed of sound using a resonance tube

Diffraction of Helium-Neon Laser​

Falling ball viscometer

Flow of water through a capillary tube 1

Flow of water through a capillary tube 2

Focal length of a convex lens by Plane Mirror method

Laser Application for Measuring Multi Slit​

Measuring the wavelength of light using diffraction grating

polarization of light using the polarimeter

Radiation Detection

Refractive index of glass, by real and apparent depth using a traveling microscope

Scattering of Beta Particles By Solids

Simple pendulum

Spiral spring (Hooks law)

studying the diffraction using laser beam by: a slit and a hole

studying the reflection & refraction using laser beam (glass)

Surface tension of water by the capillary tube method

The focal length of a concave lens using a convex lens

The focal length of a convex lens by graphical method

Variation of the resistance

velocity of sound

viscosity of liquid

X-Ray Detection by using Ionization Chamber

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