A.C. Circuit with inductance and resistance

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1.    Introduction of the experiment.

2.    Aim of the experiment.

3.    Tools of the experiment.

4.  Steps and methods of the experiment.

5.    Parameter, Theory and Final law of the experiment.

6.    Table of The Readings.

7.    Medical application and advantages of the experiment.

1. Introduction of the experiment:

An AC circuit containing inductance only is a circuit that consists of only the inductor as a component. We use such inductors in the AC circuit as filters. They are known to store energy in the form of magnetic energy and hence are known for reducing fluctuation during the flow of electric current.

2. Aim of the experiment:

Measuring the inductance

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3-Tools of The experiment

·       Low voltage A.C. source.

·       fixed inductance.

·       Resistance box.

·       A.C. ammeter.

4. Steps and methods of the experiment:

1-Feed the low-voltage output into the circuit connected as shown in the diagram.

2-Vary R and record the circuit current I as read on the A.C. ammeter at each stage.

3-Tabulate the readings.

4-plot the graph between Z2 and R2.

5-Find the slope.

5-ParametersTheory And Final Law of The experiment


XL: is the inductive reactance of the coil (Ω)

L: inductance of the coil (H)

Z2: Total impedance (Ω)

R: Resistance (Ω)

I: Current (A)

V: Voltage (V)


Where XL is the inductive reactance of the coil

A graph of Z2 against R2 will yield a straight line . The intercept (OA) gives the value of X2 L


And from this the inductance (L ) of the coil can be determined

Final Law:

6. Table of the Readings:

7 -Medical Application:

1-handheld blood analyzes, glucose monitors, and blood pressure monitors, which require switching regulators to operate at high efficiency with low –load current.

2- Capacitor series which are used in MRI application.


3- X-ray machines and laser systems, inductance combined with capacitor and resistors in high voltage circuit.


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